KJ Hamler: I kinda put Jerry Jeudy’s injury on myself because of dropped TD

Broncos wide receiver Jerry Jeudy is going to miss several games with an ankle injury that he suffered in the third quarter of the team’s season-opening loss to the Giants, which means KJ Hamler is likely to see a bigger role at wideout in the weeks to come.

The injury came five plays after Hamler dropped what would have been a 50-yard touchdown pass from Teddy Bridgewater and Hamler has had to get over the feeling that Jeudy’s injury would not have happened if he’d reeled in that ball.

“It’s messed up that Jerry has to go through this right now, and at the time, I was I kind of putting his injury on me,” Hamler said, via Kyle Newman of the Denver Post. “Because if I would’ve caught that touchdown, that probably would’ve never happened.”

Hamler said he “told one of the assistants to just throw me 100 over-the-shoulder deep balls” after returning to Denver in order to make sure drops aren’t an issue in the future. That won’t change what happened with Jeudy, but it would make for a more effective offense during his absence and after his return.