Man shares dating tip that’s been passed down his family and he swears by it

A man has shared a dating hack that has been passed down his family and he swears by it – saying it works every time.

Sharing his story anonymously, he said that checking if your partner is the right person for you is easy – just go on a long holiday with them.

That way, you see them in a number of different lights – how they act in an airport, how they handle pressure, and how they adapt to different scenarios.

The man said he inherited the advice from his dad, and took to Reddit to share it with others so they could benefit from it too.

He said: “Here’s some advice my dad gave me: If you want to find out for yourself if that girl is right for you, plan a long holiday with her.

“Travelling is a good way to get a glimpse of what living with her will be like: You’ll be sharing a room, planning the itinerary, and learning how to negotiate and discuss with her when deciding what to do and where to go. You’ll see all the bad and good habits she may have.

“Is she street smart? Does she know how to keep herself safe in a foreign land? What if things go south; Does she have a plan B of where to go and what to do?

“How would you two solve problems together? What if you want to stay in a resort but she wants to stay in a motel? How prepared is she when exploring the unknown with you? These are all good qualities a life partner should have.”

After sharing the advice online, other Reddit users were quick to comment on the post and many agreed with the original poster.

One said: “There is a saying in our culture, ‘to really know a person you have to either live with them or travel with them’.”

And another said: “I think it’s right – spending time in an unknown place and seeing how they deal with stuff is key. The other thing is building something with them.”

“I took myself to Thailand a number of years ago for a month” wrote a third. “The amount of couples having various fights (usually in the evening) was surprising.

“I think being tired and away from home in less comfort that you are used to can bring out your true colours, or at least expose differences.”